meinDESIGN is an architecture and interior design studio in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The company creates a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture in Łódź- interior designer Paulina Kasprowicz with ten years work experience.

The office deals with the arrangements of the private, business, commercial projects.



We make every effort to ensure that our proposed arrangements perfectly capture the character of the place and the personality of its inhabitants. Our projects are a harmonious combination of innovative technology, modern materials and fashionable design trends. In addition to the projects we own ideas furniture personalized to the needs of our customers.








1_ Our main goal is to adapt the interior design of every client's expectations. This includes the esthetic and functional aspects. For best understanding of our investors needs and requirements, we begin with a conversation, during which we discuss on how to use each spaces, we find out of preferred style and lifestyle.


2We make precise measurements.


3We make a proposal for the functional spaces that suits to the wishes of a customer.


4The next step is an interior concept design. It is presented by visualizations and 2d drawings on a scale of 1:25 or 1:50. We design both the architecture of the rooms and also furniture to the individual needs of our customers. In small spaces, made-to-measure furniture extremely affect the functionality of the apartment.


5After completion of the interior design concept we create detailed drawings. We prepare precise all the elements in a CAD program so that the client receives complete documentation such as:


construction project of every room or space

arrangement project with detailed descriptions of materials and equipment

precise designs of a kitchen and bathrooms

- individual projects of the furniture



The client receives a documentation in two copies and 3d photorealistic visuals.